12thKumamoto AIDS Seminar Global COE Joint International Symposium
  12th KUMAMOTO AIDS Seminar -GCOE Joint International Symposium
Presentation Guidelines
1.Oral Presentation
● Time & Date

Please refer to the program and check the time & date of your talk.[→details here]
Time limits are strict and must be followed (including Q&A).
The next presenter is requested to wait in front of presentation seat.

● Presentation slides

・ All presentations must be prepared in Windows- or Mac-PowerPoint format.
・ Speakers are requested not to use their own laptops at the podium.
・ The file must be free of exotic fonts and saved as "your name.ppt".(for example, KumamotoTaro.ppt)
・ The following softwares will be available to you:
  Windows: PowerPoint 2007 / OS 7
  Mac: PowerPoint 2008 / OS X
・ Please send your PowerPoint file to Seminar Office by email: akikei@* (*kumamoto-u.ac.jp) in advance. Alternatively,
 you can save your PowerPoint file on a USB memory stick / CD-R and give it to Seminar Staffs at the registration desk.
 In the latter case, please inform us in advance by email: akikei@* (*kumamoto-u.ac.jp) your application software (Windows or Mac, PowerPoint ver. / OS).
※Your USB memory stick / CD-R will be returned on the same day.The stored files will be deleted at the end of the session.

2.Poster presentation
● Time & Date

・ Session 1: October 20 (Thursday) 12:40-14:20
・ Session 2: October 20 (Thursday) 18:10-19:00
・ Session 3: October 21 (Friday) 11:40-13:20 (Light snacks will be served)

● Poster Number [→details here] ・・・Please check your poster number.

● Presentation time

・ Session 1 (Oct. 20)
 Odd numbers 12:40-13:20, Even numbers 13:20-14:00, Free time 14:00-14:20 
・ Session 2 (Oct. 20) 18:10-19:00 Free time
・ Session 3 (Oct. 8) 11:40-13:20 Free time

● Mounting

From 11:40 on Thursday, October 20th
Your poster will be left on the board until lunch time on October 21th.

● Removal

Seminar staffs will remove the posters and store them at the registration desk. Please pick up yours before you leave.

● Poster board  size 90cm (height) ×180cm (width) [→details here]

● Best Poster Award

・ Poster presentation is to provides presenters an opportunity to interact with other scientists and discuss their research face-to-face. The purpose of the Best Poster Award is to recognize and motivate outstanding science and communication. The award honors a student / young scientist whose poster demonstrate both excellence in research & presentation.

・ Eligibility:Presenters with Poster Number from P-03 to 49
(Students and young researchers holding the rank below associate professor)

・ Voting:All participants, including candidates will vote by 19:00, October 20.

・ Voting Points: The votes will be weighted as follows: each vote from Invited speaker, Professor or Associate professor will count for 3 points, Lecturer or Assistant professor for 2 points and post-doctoral fellow or student or others for 1 point

・ A certificate and prize will be awarded to the winner.
The Winner will be requested to give a twenty-minute oral presentation, including Q & A: from 13:20-13:40 October 21.
Eligible poster presenters are advised to prepare a PowerPoint presentation file in advance.

Poster Section Organizers
Masao Hashimoto
Takeo Kuwata