2010 January-February

Date Presenter


24 February, 2010 Takanori Sato
Postdoctoral fellow
Signaling by intrathymic cytokines, not T cell antigen receptors, specifies CD8 lineage choice and promotes the differentiation of cytotoxic-lineage T cells, Nat. Immunol. 2010. 11: 257-64.
17 February, 2010

Philip Makayanswi
(Guraduate student
Doctoral Course
3rd grader)

10 February, 2010 Nozomi Kuse
(Guraduate student
Doctoral Course
2nd grader)
Cinzia Nobile, Dominika Rudnicka, Milena Hasan, Nathalie Aulner, Franc,oise Porrot, Christophe Machu, Olivier Renaud, Marie-Christine Pre´vost, Claire Hivroz, Olivier Schwartz, and Nathalie Sol-oulon, HIV-1 Nef Inhibits Ruffles, Induces Filopodia, and Modulates Migration of Infected Lymphocytes, Journal of Virology Vol. 84,p.2282-2293,2010
3 February, 2010 Takayuki Chikata
(Guraduate student
Master Course
1st grader)
Inhibitory TCR coreceptor PD-1 is a sensitive indicator of low-level replication of SIV and HIV-1., J Immunol. 2010 Jan 1;184(1):476-87. Epub 2009 Nov 30.
20 January, 2010

Takuya Naruto
(Postdoctoral fellow)

Berger CT, Carlson JM, Brumme CJ, Hartman KL, Brumme ZL, Henry LM, Rosato PC, Piechocka-Trocha A, Brockman MA, Harrigan PR, Heckerman D, Kaufmann DE, Brander C., Viral adaptation to immune selection pressure by HLA class I-restricted CTL responses targeting epitopes in HIV frameshift sequences., J Exp Med. 2010 Jan 18;207(1):61-75.
13 January, 2010 Zheng Nan
Postdoctoral fellow
6 January, 2010 Keiko Sakai
(Postdoctoral fellow)
Li Q, Skinner PJ, Ha SJ, Duan L, Mattila TL, Hage A, White C, Barber DL, O'Mara L, Southern PJ, Reilly CS, Carlis JV, Miller CJ, Ahmed R, Haase AT, Visualizing antigen-specific and infected cells in situ predicts outcomes in early viral infection, Science 323:1726-1729, 2009.