2013 April-July

Date Presenter


31 July, 2013 Takayuki Chikata
Kloverpris HN et al. HLA-specific intracellular epitope processing shapes an immunodominance pattern for HLA-B*57 that is distinct from HLA-B*58:01. J Virol. 2013 Oct;87(19):10889-94.
10 July, 2013 Keiko Sakai
(Assistant Professor)
Henrich TJ, et al. Long-term reduction in peripheral blood HIV type 1 reservoirs following reduced-intensity conditioning allogeneic stem cell transplantation. J Infect Dis. 2013 Jun 1;207(11):1694-702.
3 July, 2013 Xiaoming Sun
Ranasinghe S, et al. Association of HLA-DRB1-restricted CD4+ T cell responses with HIV immune control. Nat Med. 2013 Jul;19(7):930-3.
26 June, 2013 Nozomi Kuse
(Postdoctoral Fellow)
Cooper A, et al. HIV-1 causes CD4 cell death through DNA-dependent protein kinase during viral integration. Nature. 2013 Jun 20;498(7454):376-9.
12 June, 2013 Tran Van Giang
Kunwar P, et al. Superior Control of HIV-1 Replication by CD8+ T Cells Targeting Conserved Epitopes: Implications for HIV Vaccine Design. PLoS One. 2013 May 31;8(5):e64405.
5 June, 2013 Tomohiro Akahoshi
(Postdoctoral Fellow)
Saez-Cirion A, et al. Post-Treatment HIV-1 Controllers with a Long-Term Virological Remission after the Interruption of Early Initiated Antiretroviral Therapy ANRS VISCONTI Study. PLoS Pathog. 2013 Mar;9(3):e1003211.
29 May, 2013 Zhansong Lin
Jenabian MA, et al. Regulatory T Cells Negatively Affect IL-2 Production of Effector T Cells through CD39/Adenosine Pathway in HIV Infection. PLoS Pathog. 2013 Apr;9(4):e1003319.
15 May, 2013

Mohammad Arif Rahman

Yan J, et al. HIV-Specific CD8+ T Cells from Elite Controllers Are Primed for Survival. J Virol. 2013 May;87(9):5170-81.
8 May, 2013 Takayuki Chikata
Apps R, et al. Influence of HLA-C expression level on HIV control. Science. 2013 Apr 5;340(6128):87-91.
24 April, 2013 Keiko Sakai
(Assistant Professor)
Liao HX, et al. Co-evolution of a broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibody and founder virus. Nature. 2013 Apr 3. 25;496(7446):469-76.
10 April, 2013
Xiaoming Sun
Cubas RA, et al. Inadequate T follicular cell help impairs B cell immunity during HIV infection.Nat Med. 2013 Apr;19(4):494-9.