II-1DSurface expression of chemokine receptors and CD8 T cell differentiation

CCR7 is known as homing receptor and its expression on naive and part of memory CD8 T cells has recently been demonstrated. And we have revealed the expression of CCR5, one of the chemokine receptors, on part of memory/effector CD8 T cells. Furthermore, the investigation on co-expression of CCR5 and CCR7 unveiled that memory CD8 T cells had CCR7+CCR5-, CCR7+CCR5+, and CCR7-CCR5+, suggesting the possibility of memory CD8 T cellsf subdivision. Also, tetramer analysis demonstrated the expression of CCR5 on HIV-1-specific CD8 T cell and HCMV-1-specific CD8 T cell. And these CD8 T cells showed migration capacity to CCR5 ligand chemokine, indicating that these HIV-1-specific and HCMV-1specific CD8 T cells are involved in Th1 immune response at the site of inflammation where many kinds of chemokines are secreted (J. Immunol. 168:2225-232, 2002).