Introduction of each laboratory


Department of Viral Prevention and Immune Control

Division of Clinical Retrovirology
Division of Infection and Immunity
Division of Genomics and Transcriptomics
Division of Vaccine

Department of Viral Control

Division of Infection and Hematopoiesis
Division of Retroelement
Division of Virology and Pathology

Department of Disease Treatment

Division of Hematopoiesis
Division of AIDS Therapeutics

Department of Frontier Research

Division of International Collaboration Research(Prof.Takeguchi)
Division of International Collaboration Research(Prof.Tomas Hanke)
Division of International Collaboration Research(Prof.Rowland-Jones))
Division of Molecular Virology & Genetics
Kumamoto University
Faculty of Life Sciences
kagoshima university Campus
The Joint Research Center for Human Retrovirus Infection

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